Our coaching approach unleashes boldness and genius in leaders and teams.

We Coach and Teach Leaders and Teams

Experience Matters. The Pyramid Resource Group is globally recognized for establishing coaching cultures where the conversation is bold and compelling, beginning with “what can you imagine.”

Founded in 1994, Pyramid is the original corporate coaching company and our programs have evolved based on our own fieldwork and research on teams. We have learned the most effective coaching builds self-awareness and helps leaders become great coaches themselves.

We have partnered with some of the world’s thought leaders and most innovative companies to clarify vision and energize their people, creating sustainably higher levels of engagement.

If you believe it is time to re-engage people to embody their work and play their most extraordinary game each day, contact us. We are here for you and ready to explore your biggest challenges.

Our Coaching Programs

All of our coaches have completed coach-specific training programs and hold professional coaching certifications.


Executive Coaching

We coach leaders of leaders. We are experts at working with executives who desire to have a creative thinking partner. Many of our clients are directors and managers who are building their careers. Some are career changers.

Team Coaching by Pyramid Resource Group

Team Coaching

Our signature Team Coaching process is an award-winning program we created around the needs of one team in 1995. Since that time Team Advantage™ - the complete coaching process for team transformation - has been delivered to teams across the world.

PRG coach in front of whiteboard

Coach Training

Seeking certification as a coach or want to bring a coaching skills platform to your company? We offer and ICF and HRCI accredited professional coach certification program each year, and can customize components for organizations.

From Our Clients

Success Stories

Dael Waxman

Dael Waxman, MD

I absolutely loved the HCI Coach training. It is such an infusion of energy, purpose, intention, heart, and connection! Coaching is long overdue in healthcare systems.
Stephanie Hunter-Banks

Stephanie Hunter-Banks, PharmD, CPLP

The Healthcare Coaching Institute training program was nothing short of a transformational experience.
Daina Trout, Justin Trout, Vanessa Dew

Health-Ade Founders

For us, executive coaching, leadership training, and the Team Advantage program have been critical in helping us keep up with these nuanced demands on the business.
Ed O'Malley in brown business suit

Ed O’Malley, CEO

My Pyramid Resource Group coaching experience with DJ Mitsch energized and focused me. I’m a more effective and purposeful leader and I attribute that in part to working with my coach.
Anne Whitaker

Anne Whitaker, CEO, Pharma

Team Advantage accelerates goal attainment and produces significant results, leaving sustainable impact on team leaders and team members by improving collaboration, team focus and performance.
Dipti Patel-Misra

Dipti Patel-Misra, PhD, MBA, PCC

The new skills I have learnt at HCI have benefitted me tremendously both professionally and personally, it has fueled my soul.
Michelle Jolly

Michelle Jolly, Inspirational Coach

The two words that come to mind about the coach training program and my experience are “BOLD” and “Courageous.”
Assaad Mounzer, MD

Assaad Mounzer, MD, MA, FACS

I believe we need to reclaim the humanistic part of Medicine, and focus on the Whole person, not only on the Physical level, but also on the Emotional, Mental, Social, and Spiritual levels as well.
Allison Crumpler in business suit

Allison Crumpler, PCC Candidate

My experience with HCI was incredible, just incredible. I wasn’t expecting the personal growth. I think my self-awareness has always been pretty high, but this program took it to the next level which has been amazing.
Michael Williams in business suit

Michael Williams, Chief Executive Director

Personal coaching shines a light on the journey to self-discovery. Pyramid’s coach training and certification programs reminded me that I hold the power – that we all hold the power of conscious choice and aligned action.
Stephen Kosterman

Dr. Stephen Kosterman

The coaching helped me focus on my business needs and has directly contributed to increasing my client base and profitability.
Tasha Walsh

Tasha Walsh, PCC

I was looking for a program to help me increase my ability to provide deeply impactful coaching to leaders who had strong egos and were faced with enormous system change. The Healthcare Coaching Institute was exactly what I needed.

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