Team Advantage™ Certification

Team Advantage™ brings people together to think innovatively about their ways of working and mandates. We facilitate a creative process to have the team codify a thematic goal that pulls the team forward, build out foundational charters, craft a scoreboard for fun-infused peer accountability, and plan for scenarios that block success in what we call the Fast Forward Focus ™.

A proven team-coaching process is the missing link that guarantees success in just four months. Derived from disciplines of sports, business, management by objectives, and daily hoopla, teams find a new level of momentum that elevates their game. Easy to replicate, leaders love this process of just-in-time development with a design that leaves their teams wanting to continue the process after the coaching is complete.

If you want to ignite your team, or an entire company of teams, contact us now and download a white paper detailing a story of 60 teams coached simultaneously to improve employee engagement by 30 points.

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Want to coach teams?

We offer annual live certification workshops of this signature team coaching program. During this three-day training you will learn to expand your offerings to include this innovative and proven process.

You will play a simulated game within to learn how to execute each component and find better answers to any business challenge. You will learn to use materials that have been time-tested by masterful coaches and clients and honed through collaborations with our clients and coach partners.

What you will receive.

Along with CCEU credits for ICF coaches, you will receive a license to use Team Advantage™ with teams and become part of a network of experienced team coaches. The licensing agreement allows you to purchase all copyrighted Team Advantage™ materials.

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