Team Advantage™

Pyramid’s signature Team Advantage™ is a proven team-coaching program designed to transform teams and convey coaching skills to leaders. The process has been called the “Accelerator,” a key to developing teams to go beyond what is typical to elevate and engage each other in new and more meaningful ways.

Team members develop their own “game” oriented around a stretch goal that is meaningful to the organization’s success. The role of a coach is to support the team leader as well as the entire team to move through the stages of team development from forming the team charter – and sometimes the new team – through storming, to norming behaviors with high-performing results.

Diverse group of executives speaking

Leader Coaching

During Phase 1, the team leader and coach begin their work together and assess the team.

Game Plan Creation

Phase 2 comprises a live, two-day workshop where the team creates their own game plan tied to a business objective.

Team Coaching

Phase 3 is the differentiator between Team Advantage™ and typical “team building."


Phase 4 is when learning is embedded and accomplishments celebrated.

DJ Mitsch

Darelyn “DJ” Mitsch is the creator and author of Team Advantage™ and a thought leader in the team coaching field. DJ is a Master Certified Coach, founding member and former president of the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is a world-class coach and creative partner for innovative senior leaders and their teams.

DJ designed this program to blend her experiences as an Executive VP and General Manager and a passion for changing the game of work! DJ also serves as the CEO of The Pyramid Resource Group. Learn more about customized coaching and coach training programs.

Barry Mitsch

Barry Mitsch, co-author of Team Advantage™, coordinates the coaching team and handles all licensing and administration for the company. Barry has an extensive background in training and development and contributed to the creation of the Team Advantage™ Facilitator’s Guide and accompanying workbooks.

Barry's background includes work in both technical and non-technical training, and he has designed and delivered classroom, self-instructional, and distance-learning programs. He is also co-founder of The Pyramid Resource Group.


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