We would like to thank our clients for these enthusiastic testimonials, and have chosen a few of the many received both recently and in the past.

Dael Waxman

I absolutely loved the HCI Coach training. It is such an infusion of energy, purpose, intention, heart, and connection! I am integrating more coaching into my daily approach to leading and appreciate the deeper conversations. Coaching is long overdue in healthcare systems.

Dael Waxman, MD
Vice Chair, Professional Development and Clinical Operations, Department of Family Medicine
Stephanie Hunter-Banks

The Healthcare Coaching Institute training program was nothing short of a transformational experience. From the beginning, the curriculum is designed to take you on a journey from introspection to revelation exposing vulnerabilities that allow you to discover new possibilities within yourself. Through the cohort format, I cultivated relationships that have endured long since our last intensive. The program enabled me to elevate my coaching skills and competencies, and I was fully equipped to become an impactful coach. I am a better leader, contributor, and coach because of this program, but perhaps most of all, I’m a better HUMAN.

Stephanie Hunter-Banks
PharmD, CPLP
UCB, Inc.
Daina Trout, Justin Trout, Vanessa Dew

Steering a fast-growth company has meant we’ve had to constantly push ourselves as leaders in an effort to maintain a strong performing culture. What most companies do in a year we have to do 5X as fast, resulting in a need for everyone to always be learning and leveling up. For us, executive coaching, leadership training, and the Team Advantage program have been critical in helping us keep up with these nuanced demands on the business.

Daina Trout, Justin Trout, Vanessa Dew
Health-Ade Founders
Ed O'Malley in brown business suit

My Pyramid Resource Group coaching experience with DJ Mitsch energized and focused me. I’m a more effective and purposeful leader and I attribute that in part to working with my coach.

Ed O'Malley, CEO
Kansas Leadership Center
Anne Whitaker

Team Advantage accelerates goal attainment and produces significant results, leaving sustainable impact on team leaders and team members by improving collaboration, team focus and performance. Team Advantage brings action learning and management by objectives into alignment so that teams are truly transformed.

Anne Whitaker
CEO, Pharma
Dipti Patel-Misra

The world-class faculty at the Health Care Coaching Institute helped me enhance my coaching skills and specifically showed me how to apply what I learned in a health care leadership role. The new skills I have learnt at HCI have benefitted me tremendously both professionally and personally, it has fueled my soul.

Dipti Patel-Misra, PhD, MBA, PCC
Chief Data & Analytics Officer in Acute HealthCare Management
Michelle Jolly

The two words that come to mind about the coach training program and my experience are “BOLD” and “Courageous.” The master coach faculty create a safe place for the participants to be vulnerable. The program allows opportunities for self-improvement while teaching innovative ways to promote and develop leadership in others. I now have the courage to move forward with my inner passion and calling. I am more confident! This was a great investment.

Michelle Jolly, Inspirational Coach
Academic Medical Institute
Assaad Mounzer, MD

I believe coaching skills are important in the Healthcare industry which is suffering now from lack of direction, poor leadership, and getting drowned in regulations and becoming less human and more technical. I believe we need to reclaim the humanistic part of Medicine, and focus on the Whole person, not only on the Physical level, but also on the Emotional, Mental, Social, and Spiritual levels as well.

Assaad Mounzer, MD, MA, FACS
Author, Coach, Urologist and Surgeon, Mindfulness Expert
Allison Crumpler in business suit

My experience with HCI was incredible, just incredible. I wasn’t expecting the personal growth. The timing for HCI in my personal and professional life came together beautifully. You learn to coach more senior leaders, but you’re also being coached. There was a lot of value in that for me. I think my self-awareness has always been pretty high, but this program took it to the next level which has been amazing.

Allison Crumpler, PCC Candidate
Associate Director of Learning and Leadership Development in Pharma Company
Michael Williams in business suit

Personal coaching shines a light on the journey to self-discovery. Pyramid’s coach training and certification programs reminded me that I hold the power – that we all hold the power of conscious choice and aligned action.

Michael Williams
Chief Executive Director
Stephen Kosterman

Being part of a coaching group was a great way for me to experience coaching while also benefiting from insights from peers who were experiencing similar challenges. The coaching helped me focus on my business needs and has directly contributed to increasing my client base and profitability.

Dr. Stephen Kosterman
Tasha Walsh

I was looking for a program to help me increase my ability to provide deeply impactful coaching to leaders who had strong egos and were faced with enormous system change. The Healthcare Coaching Institute was exactly what I needed. The course work provided me an opportunity to go deeper within myself as coach and also gave me some tactical knowledge and skills regarding the unique challenge of working with professionals who have been trained to stay in their head and act like they have all the answers.

Tasha Walsh, PCC
Director of Integrated Health Services for a Federally Qualified Health Center

One of the benefits of HCI is when you walk out of the program being able to relate to clients in an entirely different way. You cannot force someone to change their behavior. HCI gives you the skills to enable the client to come up with their own plan and solution.

Sandra Birckhead, MBA, Black Belt Lean Sigma, ACC
Management Consultant and Leadership Coach

Team Advantage worked so well in my organization that I decided to become a certified trainer. The process, the people and the product were extraordinary! To participate in a true organizational transformation on the player side and now to participate from the coaching side gives anyone who ‘plays’ with us a leg up on their competition.

Frank J. Ancharski, M.S.

There is no question that the HCI faculty leads on all fronts. This amazing group of talented and caring people have changed the lives of everyone they have touched. If you are looking for a school, you have found it and so much more than you could ever imagine. The experience has been like tightening a light bulb that has been loosened by years of expectations.

Kristi D’Errico, ACC
Quality Initiatives Manager in Pharma Company

Attending HCI has really helped me evolve as a leader. I’ve gained so many insights that have allowed me to exponentially increase my ability to achieve more, both within myself and those around me. As a result, I’m not just a better leader. I’m also a better husband, father, and friend. This is the school you’ll want to attend, whether you are looking to increase your coaching skills for your own business or, you’re looking to be a more impactful leader within your organization.

Lance Griffin, Green Belt Lean Sigma, ACC
Commercial Training & Development in Pharma Company

It was clear from the initial information and interview process before even arriving that it would be a very organized and intensive process, one that would help me obtain a strong understanding of the entire program. The training confirmed my belief that this program will provide the missing link in so many of the team programs that I have experienced in my prior corporate roles.

Paula Shoup
Director of Executive Leadership Program
Charles Schwab

What is wonderful about the certification program is that it allows one to fully experience the power and nuances of the “Team Advantage” process itself. Just as in actual implementations of Team Advantage, we were a group of individuals who entered the certification program with individual agendas and individual approaches and emerged as a team that achieved a common extraordinary goal of taking our game to a new level through a shared experience.

Lable Braun
Author, Sr. OD Professional